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We’re always pleased to collaborate with others.  Here you’ll find details of places we’ve visited as shared with other websites and media.

Guest Posts

Camera Review Kodak Pix Pro

With The Birmingham Press

I’ve reviewed this excellent bridge camera with great zoom options which was loaned to me for two months.  It’s a great choice for filling the gap between a basic model and a DSLR or mirrorless choice.

9 Fascinating Things To Do In Birmingham With Insider Tips

We shared our local knowledge of the things to do in brilliant beautiful Birmingham.  It’s a city packed with so much to see and do, including Tolkien’s inspiration for Lord of The Rings, a station that’s an Instagrammer’s paradise, and buildings both futuristic and historic.

With Go Beyond Bounds

2 Week Tennessee Road Trip Itinerary: Nashville to Memphis

We took a road trip through Tennessee in search of the Delta Blues.  From the birthplace of Blues in Mississippi to Nashville’s Honky Tonks and Beale in Memphis this was a journey with a fantastic soundtrack.

With Claire’s Footsteps

6 Things To Do In Ghent That You Can’t Miss

From the celebration that is Festeen to street art, instruments of torture, vegetarian feasting and time spent on the water, here’s how to get your adventure on in Ghent.

with Adventure in You

A Local’s Guide to Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK

From Shakespeare’s Birthplace to life on the Avon, museums full of automata and canal life, here’s an introduction to quintessential England.

with Earth’s Attractions


Best Travel Cameras in 2018 Recommended By Top Bloggers

With DIY Travel HQ

We added a point and shoot option to this collection of blogging camera reviews.

The Seaside Towns of Britain

With Live Less Ordinary

We added Northam in North Devon to this collection of coastal treats.

24 Best Places To Travel Alone For The First Time [Women Over 40 Edition]

With Marquestra

I added cosmopolitan, busy and friendly Brussels to this selection of great places to start your solo travel experiences.  There are so many good choices here – my diary’s going to be busy!

What’s for Dinner? 

With The Winged Fork

You’ll find our English roast dinner with all the trimmings at this gastronomic extravaganza from across the globe.  Bring your best appetite!

What’s Your Travel Inspiration?

With A Not So Young Woman Abroad

Stories of being unable to resist the next bend in the road from a fine collection of travel writers (I just about slipped in under the net).  If you ever needed reminding why we travel, here’s your inspiration.

Museums Around The World

With Travel By A Sherrie Affair

We added the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee to this collection of museums around the world.  Whether you’re in search of art, learning, education or fun, there’s plenty here to capture your interest.

Unique Religions Architecture Around The World

With Musings And Adventures

We added Coventry Cathedral to this collection of buildings with meaning.  Bombed during the Blitz, the ruins of Coventry’s first cathedral are joined to a new building, and convey a powerful message of hope and reconciliation.

Best Happy Hour Bars In The World

With To Travel Too

We added the magnificent Robert’s Western World in Nashville Tennessee to this great collection of good times.  Check out this Honky Tonk for live music 7 days a week, a wall full of cowboy boots, and a glass of Sweet Tea or something stronger.

Secret Britain: 7 Home Grown Destinations Brits Love (And You Will Too)

With Reading The Book)

We shared Ludlow on the Welsh Borders to this collection of where the Brits find their travelling pleasures.  Ludlow’s small, perfectly formed, a foodie and arts paradise and the source of great walking routes in the Shropshire Hills.  You’ll also find the early castle home of the Princes in the Tower, and a whole lot of half-timbered and Georgian architecture.

5 Instagrammable Libraries In The World And Where To Find Them

With Her Brave Soul

We added the new Library of Birmingham to this lovely collection of libraries across the world.  Stop off here to read about its surprises, including a secret garden and talkative lifts.

See How these Travel Bloggers’ First Trips Overseas Inspired them to Live Travel-filled Lives

With Nomad by Trade

I’ve added my trip to Provence in 1977 to this lovely collection of travelers’ first experiences.  You can absolutely share that wide-eyed excitement we felt that has stayed with us ever since.

Accessible Travel Tips From Frequent Travelers

With Travel, Breathe, Repeat

I’ve added my experience of traveling with coeliac disease to this useful collection of travel hacks to enable accessible travel.

Experts Reveal 15 Of The Best Products for Travelers

With Girl with the Passport

We’ve added our tongue in cheek, but oh so useful, extra to this collection of traveling essentials.

Best European Romantic Destinations To Enjoy With Your Loved One (this Valentine’s and beyond)

With Look n Walk

Come and explore a wide range of European delights which show how romance can mean all kinds of things from the big outdoors, to skiing, music and food, or art and culture.  One thing’s for sure, even if you’re not loved up, there are some seriously gorgeous places here.  (No surprises for guessing our contribution, if you’re a regular reader here…)

The Best And Worst of US Airports

With Nomad by Trade

The good, the bad and the ugly are all covered here, with experiences ranging from charming, arty and culinary to less than glorious.  Choose your next layover with care.

A Glimpse at the Best Music Festivals In The World

With Soul Drifters

Get ready for a whole lot of pleasure for your ears and every other sense, as Soul Drifters collect a series of festival experiences.  You’ll find all kinds of music and all sorts of destinations here…suffice to say my bucket for that bucket list needs to get even bigger!

17 Travel Bloggers Share Their Guilty Pleasures On The Road

With 203 Travel Challenges

From artisan cheese to a night in on your own to how to get really comfortable on a plane, it’s all here.  (And my guilty pleasure…well, you need to go see!)

Travellers’ Favourite Destinations

With Creative Travel Guide

We shared our love for the mighty Ghent, Belgium, to this multi-continent romp through so many gorgeous destinations.

Best Christmas Markets In Europe

With Wandering Redhead

We’ve added Antwerp’s Kerstmarkt to this jingling, starry, snowy and hot chocolate scented romp through the spectacle that is Christmas in Europe.

10 Ideas To Document Your Travels

With Photojeepers

If you’ve ever regretted not remembering more of your travels, here’s a great selection of the ways to document those adventures, from photos to journaling.

15 Of The Best Beaches in The World – Selected By Travel Bloggers

With Spend Life Traveling

There’s a whole array of salty sandy loveliness here, to which we contributed the glory that is Saunton Sands in north Devon, England.

The Best Places To Visit In Europe

With Road Affair

We added the Bard’s backyard, Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon to this sparkling list of all the best places to visit in Europe.

Great Rail Journeys – Where you won’t Forget the View

With Soultravel

It’s no secret that we’re lovers of train journeys, and here we made many notes for our bucket list.  Our contribution was the beautiful if stormy trip on the Settle Carlisle line from the Yorkshire Dales to the Scottish borders.

Tips and Ideas For a Long Layover in Chicago

With EmDashed

Chicago’s always buzzing, and here you’ll find plenty of tips to enjoy your time, even if it’s only a layover.  We’ve added the treat for the ears that is Kingston Mines Blues Club and a visit to Buddy Guy’s.

Yes Unicorns Do Exist: Tales From Solo Female Travelers Over 40

With Wandering Redhead

Despite being coupled up for a long time now, I still take trips on my own.  Here you’ll find a celebration of experiences from the open road, showing that adventure is ageless, and solo travel can still be infinitely rewarding.

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