We’ve loved the rich contrasts of the places we’ve visited in the USA. Here’s our map of where we’ve been to date.

The Story So Far

We’re aware we’ve only scratched the surface.  We’ve got shared and separate memories of so many places including:


Cinnamon in the air, Filene’s basement, walking the red stripe, Cheers, Joan & Ed’s diner in Natick, a red Corvette from Rent-A-Wreck, the discovery that traffic enters from both sides of the freeway, pumpkins and flags on the porches.


Twice in the snow, big thermals, the Blues, walking for miles lakeside, the Bean, the Aquarium, a limo in the snow, cold so biting I bought more clothes and snow boots, Frank Lloyd Wright, regular tea stops to thaw out


That clear, rarified air, drinking pints of water, the walk to Cherry Creek, the tent peaks at the airport, being there when the Jon Benet Ramsey news broke, the kindness of the woman who drove us back to base when we couldn’t raise a cab for three hours

Santa Fe

Adobe, candle lanterns sitting on top of the walls, turquoise and street vendors, honey on the tables as a condiment in restaurants, history and tradition, and colour: colour everywhere.


Arriving at an airport full of instruments and porch rockers, Casey Jones’ railroad and its proximity to our bed, Tootsie’s party on Broadway, Roberts’ HonkeyTonk, bluegrass, finding the second stage in Tin Roof, sitting outside the Ryman in the sun, record October temperatures


Stax, Sun, Rock n Soul…music everywhere, the sobering day that was the Civil Rights Museum, a river trip on the Island Queen that allowed us to say we’d been to Arkansas, BBQ, staying next to buzzing Overton Square


Tiny but with so much to see: Tina Turner’s elementary school the blues shack of Sleepy John Estes, the Delta Heritage Centre which crammed so many interesting things into a small space, and a hat tip for their autumn decorations, the proper road trip motel where we parked Miss Scarlett the hire car right outside the door, and the bewildered McDonalds where I grabbed a gluten and dairy free burger sitting lonely at the bottom of a massive plastic bowl.

In fact, you can see how I love the small towns.  There is so much to do in big cities, but I like the places where you can see more of people’s real lives.

Where Next?

Where do you recommend we go next? We’ve been thinking about Charleston and Savannah, which would be new to both of us. Or else back to New Mexico and White Sands National Monument, or Big Sur and Carmel.

Part of me also wants to hit the lesser traveled States – Montana, the Dakotas, Iowa.

So many places, so many trips to plan.

Where should we add to our list?

Author: Bernie

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2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Of July, USA: Where should we visit next?

  1. I loved Savannah when Hubs and I went a few years back! We really want to go again!

    Posted on July 6, 2017 at 7:29 pm
    1. I think resistance is futile – this one’s high on our list, and we’ll definitely be going. Right now we’re also looking at South America, so I don’t know which will be first.

      Posted on July 8, 2017 at 9:01 am